Switching Power Supply

Provide various types of power adapters and power supplies with stabile quality. Applicable to all kinds of home appliances and 3C products.


Switching Adapters

We offer AC/DC Adaptors for telephones, games, modems, video equipment, calculators, voice control devices and cellular phones. The available power range is from 0.2 Watt to 30 watt. International versions include UL (USA), Europe(TüV) , UK (BABT & BEAB), SAA (Australia) and T-Mark (Japan).


Power Supplies

We offer products up to 100 watts and all models are approved to international safety standards. The safety-test and certification capabilities are also recognized by major safety agencies. We have a highly educated and professional team in a wide range of designs for application of computers, communication and office equipment.

All products are engineered to meet worldwide safety standards. Quality and process control is using a variety of statistical sampling and analysis techniques throughout the manufacturing cycle. In addition, all products must pass a rigorous and fully automated final test before shipment.