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Word of the chairman

Word of the chairman


Current Business

Unisino International Inc., founded in 1998, is an experienced and reputable international trading corporation. Our first task is to seek and provide the most up to date and practical first-hand market information and products. We help all of our partners acquire what they need the most: the best products at the lowest price. Making our clients’ business prosperous and profitable is our mission.


Our Working Principles

Winning your heart = Responsibility (RY) + Sincerity (SY) + Efficiency (EY) + Creativity (CY) + Profitability (PY)

Unisino sees our clients as integral partners, and we endeavor to establish long-term relationships with them. In order to achieve this objective, we are committed to fulfilling our clients' needs through the practice of 5Ys' principles: Responsibility (RY), Sincerity (SY), Efficiency (EY), Creativity (CY), and Profitability (PY). We hope to gain our client's trust and their loyalty with our services and production. This is a dynamic, two-way interaction which achieves a win-win situation. Through this interactive process, we encourage our clients to engage in an exchange of ideas; their feedbacks will help our company make breakthroughs and improve as a whole. The 5Ys' principles outlined our policies on customer services will help us thrive in the competitive society.

The first Y, responsibility, indicates Unisino is a reliable company, we expect ourselves to be responsible for the quality of all products and services provided by Unisino. Sincerity, our second Y, refers to the need to promote an atmosphere of honesty and compassion. Our clients should be treated as our own family; shortening the distance between our clients and ourselves will be vital to the betterment of understanding their needs.

Working in an efficient environment is an essential element for a commercial company in this fast-growing age, and this is our third Y, it also represents the incorporation of resource-saving ideas in our daily lives. Creativity, the forth Y, is the living strength; through adaptation of new knowledge and technology, Unisino is capable of developing and advancing further achievements, and enhancing risk management mechanisms.

Finally, profitability is our fifth Y. Seeking profit is necessary for the success of a corporation; however, searching for a balance between clients' well-being and Unisino's profits should be a significant aspect of our decision-making process.


Future and Vision

Our latest successes have prompted our expansion in the computer hardware industry and the diversification of our future participation in international commercial activities. The following changes are planned for the future:

(1) To maintain our competitive advantage in the computer hardware industry, the coordination and cooperation with manufactures will be promoted and advanced to help customers receive the best quality products and services.
(2) To meet new needs of our clients, we seek to form relationships with producers who are equipped with advanced technologies and equipments that can manufacture more delicate electronic-related materials and products.
(3) To expand our market occupation and serve more clients, the spectrum of our products will be diversified to stretch out to various customers.


Along with these efforts and breakthroughs, the most significant vision for our company is to always ensure that our customers are receiving products with the highest quality. It is our goal and the purpose of our existence to see our customers thrive and grow through the assistance of Unisino.